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Transitional protection

Protection measures for claimants who are managed migrated to universal credit -

  • an extra payment in the form of a 'transitional element', calculated by comparing your existing legacy benefits to the equivalent universal credit amount and paying the difference if existing benefits are more than universal credit;
  • a 'transitional capital disregard', that enables claimants entitled to a tax credit and with capital exceeding £16,000 to be treated as having £16,000 capital so they are not excluded from entitlement to universal credit under the capital rules (for up to 12 months);
  • postponing the application of the minimum income floor for all managed migrated self-employed claimants for the first 12 months of their claim no matter when they started trading; and
  • provision for full-time students on legacy benefits when notified to manage migrate to qualify for universal credit until they complete their course.