factchecking myths and misconceptions about universal credit

“I can use a screen shot of my online universal credit account as a proof of benefits”

The short answer:

In theory yes ... but you will need printed proof for most purposes

You might need proof of your universal credit award to access things like free school meals, help with health costs, training or travel concessions, or support with utility costs, and most organisations currently ask for printed evidence as part of their application process.

If you are told you need to provide a printed copy of your award you can request this by adding a note to your journal or by contacting the universal credit helpline. If you can get access to a printer you can sign in to your universal credit account and print out statements to show details of your award, the elements included in your award and the amount of earnings in each assessment period if you are working (although some authorities may want a printout supplied by the DWP).

Official guidance:

Requesting personal information from the DWP on gov.uk

Guidance from other organisations that require proof of entitlement -

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